Message from the Chairman


We opened Kamisoriclub which is unique and specialised shop dealing with men’s grooming products in Aoyako, Tokyo on the 30th of October 2000. We are very glad to be able to have this opportunity to introduce our company through the internet and share our history and philosophy.Kamisoriclub aims to introduce and inform people on all aspects of shaving and mens grooming.

Kamisoriclub makes the best use of its specialized knowledge in the field to promote the simple pleasure of shaving. It is a very significant luxurious time!
Today, shaving is a essential custom in our lives. Both men and women need this custom and there is no age limit, but surprisingly not so many people are not interested in this important routine.
For example, a lot of people do not think about shaving tools such as shaving holders. There are various kind of razors, different types and manufacturers. A lot of people do not have much interest in these things. It saddens me that this is the case.

Under this present situation, having the catch phrase “comfortable shaving refreshes your day “, Kamisoriclub would like to introduce the joy of shaving to a wider audience and promote interesting and unique shaving products. We would also like to educate people how to shave and how to choose good shaving products to enable them to enjoy their daily routine. All men need this routine normally every day, therefore shaving products are an obvious and excellent gift for men. Kamisoriclub would like to promote the enjoyment of shaving and the sale of good quality shaving products.

It is not only the shaving but also it is a kind of etiquette to look after oneself. It is very important to give a good impression of yourself to others. Thus daily shaving is essential. It is your luxurious time as well. Kamisoriclub is glad to provide all of our customers with essential information with regard to shaving. Kamisoriclub is proud of its specialised and unique knowledge as the only shop in Japan. We hope in the future we can help more people to enjoy the art of shaving.