Do you know ? How to use the shaving cup

Do you know ? How to use the shaving cup

A two-layered ceramic mug that is unique to Japan.
Do you know how to use this mug, which is familiar in barber shops?

There are two layers, one deep and one shallow.
So why are the deep layers so far below the shallow layers?

Two reasons.
First, pour the hot water into the deep layer.
I wouldn’t say up to hot water, but hot water would be better than warm water.

1. Soak the bristles of the brush to give it moisture.
2、When lathered in a shallow layer, it has the effect of keeping the foam warm so that it doesn’t cool down.

How to use

After dipping the brush in a deep layer, lightly grip the moisture in the brush to make it moderate.
Put the soap in a shallow layer and lather it up.
Turning the brush in a circular motion and moving the brush up and down at the same time to get air into it more quickly
You can make bubbles.
There is a type in which the bottom is uneven to make it lathery 

For solid soap, you may want to move the soap to a different location when lathering.

This time I’m going to show you how to use a mug, so I won’t tell you how to use a brush or a razor.

Well, after you use it.

Discard the hot water in the mug and pour well until the soap content in both layers is gone.
Once well drained, store the brush on its side as shown in the photo below.

The razor you’ve used will come in handy if you put it in a deep layer and set it up against the ground.

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