Re-study with old barbering school textbooks

It’s been over 20 years now, but I want to be a professional shaver as a razor man!
So I attended a correspondence course at a Barber school while working.
A lot of textbooks arrive at home, and the schooling for each season.
This is my first time in school, and it’s too much for me…
Most of the students in the correspondence course (in my case) are experienced and can do the practical skills normally, but I don’t know how to hold a pair of scissors.

And my respect for the barber was born.
What I thought was great was that along with the scissors operating procedure, there was a procedure for standing, moving, shampooing, and shaving, all of which were operating procedures.
In addition, I was surprised and impressed that the procedure to flow without wasting in the movement is a good subject to be taught properly and moved by the haircut in the barbershop and think that the barber is smoothing out this movement while chatting normally and great! I respect you from the bottom of my heart.
And there’s hygiene in the subjects, and we’ve learned about disinfection, etc.Translated with

The qualification of a Barber is a national qualification and under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
And since it is a household hygiene business, it is operated in accordance with the hygiene standards of public health centers, etc. on a daily basis.
A long time ago, I was washing my hands in front of a senior barber, and if I picked up an alcohol rubbing solution and put a little bit of it on my hand and wiped it off with paper, it would be…meaningless. and taught me how to properly disinfect.
That’s a professional!

Thank you for this kind of advice.

And I started to respect and love him again.

The textbooks I have are from the past, but I’m going to read them again and study them today.