Take your time. A razor to enjoy the good old days

A double-edged razor that is also the prototype of a safety razor

In 1903, King C. Gillette developed the original safety razor, a double-bladed razor that was the prototype for the first safety razor. One of the progenitors of the great razors of recent years. If only we could go back in time, like in the movie BACK TO THE FUTURE, “Thank you, Mr. Gillette, for developing a great razor! is.

It’s no exaggeration to say that no shaving experience is complete without the use of this razor.
It’s a classic shave that requires a lot of time and effort.

In those days, razors and blade replacements were very expensive, and the blade replacements were made of carbon steel for stainless steel. After using the razor and the replacement blade, if you don’t carefully wipe the replacement blade back into the oil paper, it will rust quickly.
The steel of the replacement blade is made of stainless steel now, so it is resistant to rust, but it seems to have been hard in the past.Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

In 1965, SCHICK launched the “Butterfly Open” razor.
The razor is already over 50 years old from now.
It is made of resin and metal and has a moderately heavy feeling.
Razors weren’t exactly cheap back then.
You can see that it was an essential tool for the important men

A single-edged razor appears in front of a double-edged one, but this photo is a two-shot of a Western leather and a double-edged razor.

In the old days, people used to shave their beards every day using the familiar Western leather from barber shops. The crisp leather must have been handled with care.

Nowadays, there are four or five razor blades, and the razor is more gentle on the skin than a deep shave.
To an old-timer, the evolution from Western leather to a double-edged razor might have felt the same way back then.

Double-edged razors are prone to razor burn.

However, it is also true that a double-edged razor is more prone to razor defeat because the blade hits the skin directly compared to today’s razors. So, how can you reduce your razor burn?
It’s easy or simple, but it still takes time.

1、Pre-shave properly!

The majority of razor losses can be said to be here! You need to make sure your skin and beard are well hydrated.
The beard is as hard as copper wire, and there is a layer of air in the back of the hair called a vacuole. By moisturizing it, moisture enters the air layer and expands by about 40%, making it easier to be cut.
Hot water is the best way to penetrate quickly. You can also make steamed towels at home and watch them!

How to make a steamed towel

2、Be sure to use shaving soap, which is a lubricant

In recent years, shaving foam and gels that have evolved from brushes have become more common, haven’t they! What’s more, the forms and gels these days are amazing! It’s really good because it also contains things that protect the skin such as hyaluronic acid. Of course, you can also use a foam or gel, just make sure it’s thoroughly absorbed into your skin.

So what are the characteristics of the brushes?
The brushes inherited from our ancestors are still used in barber shops.
It’s a nice, blissful experience to have the lathered brush swirled in a circular motion on your face after the steamy towel.
Of course it feels good, but the brush has a proper meaning!

▼Features of Shaving Brushes (Beard Brushes)

  1. The bristles of the brush can be used to create a fine foam.
  2. The bristles of the brush soften the surface skin and beard while scraping out dirt
  3. Massage the surface of the skin with the bristles of a brush

Shave after applying the foam to the bearded part firmly

3、The double-edged razor adjusts the shave angle by itself

It feels like you are gently shaving off with the weight of the razor rather than pushing the razor against you. Shave off from the cheek to the bottom when you see the sting.
The first step is to shave from the cheeks to the bottom, from the chin to the bottom of the chin, and from the top to the bottom.
Shaving from the bottom up = reverse shaving first is one of the causes of razor burn.

The whiskers have the same hardness as copper wire. A long beard can be quite resistant to a thin razor blade, lifting your skin as you shave, causing you to shave at the same time. That too can cause razor burn.

Bubbles are a major must-have for beards and razor lubrication to reduce razor defeat! Shaving requires a balance of foam and moisture, so make sure you apply it.
If you want a deep shave, do a reverse shave from here to the bottom to the top. However, shave gently with no force.

If you have sensitive skin, stop with only a straight shave. You may want to have smooth skin, but your beard will grow out every day. Let’s be patient here and let your skin condition itself.

5、Let’s rinse it thoroughly.

After shaving, rinse the beard with soap and water thoroughly.
After shaving, you often see it in the movies, you just wipe it off with a towel and finish! The sight of the, um… cool! But it’s not good for your skin, is it?
If your skin gets into trouble, it can also lead to razor burn. Make sure to rinse and clean them thoroughly.

6、Make sure you take care of your aftercare.

As you know, a razor is a so-called ritual in which a sharp blade is applied to the face. It is important that the end of the ritual be done firmly.
When a sharp blade is applied to the skin, it can inevitably cause small invisible wounds and blood to be blown.
Let’s condition your skin with an aftershave.

I recommend an aftershave lotion with alcohol in the summer.
You take it out of the bottle, splash it in your hand, and splash it in your face! and then put the
Ughhhhhhhhhhhh! It will be a scene from the old movie Home Alone
The expression that stings to the face at this time is so stinging that there are people who jaopanese say, “You’re too colorful” or “You’re biting me”.
However, if your skin is sensitive, you need to be careful because it may become red and swollen or cause skin problems.

If you are sensitive, you may want to use an alcohol-free type such as a milky lotion.
In winter, it is recommended to use a gel type emulsion with a moisturizing effect.
Moisturize your skin thoroughly during the dry season to keep it hydrated.

Wet shaving is next to losing a razor every day, isn’t it?
This is an inseparable edge.
So, let’s go along with daily care so that you can reduce razor burn as much as possible.

When to change the blade of a double-edged razor and how to take care of it?

The time to change the replacement blade for a double-edged razor honestly varies from person to person. This is because of the difference in the thickness of the beard and the area where it is growing.
If I wipe the moisture of the replacement blade with a towel after use, will it last longer? It was said.

In this day and age, it is not easy to rust like the carbon steel of the old days, but the material of the replacement blade is made of stainless steel, so there is no problem without wiping especially because it is hard to rust.
I think the secret to longevity is to reduce the burden of the tip of the blade by giving moisture to the beard firmly.

SCHICK, the world’s leading razor manufacturer, is now on sale!

The classic century-old razor, manufactured in early 1900, is being reprinted for 2019!

The 2019 renewal model is all metal, no resin, all metal.
And then there’s the coolest feature, the “butterfly opening” style.

Turn the bottom part of the razor to open the top
The replacement blades are made in the SCHICK Solingen factory.
It is recommended to exchange in 12 to 14 days.

Masahiro Ohashi, a grooming instructor at the Kamisori Club, will talk about how to and care for your skin.(Japanese only)

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I like this gimmick of the Kannon opening type.
The sound at the time of shaving of a double-edged razor.
Please try to experience this sound at home!