How to make steamed towel of BARBER for 90 seconds at home

Steamed towels, I love them!

Every day, I shave at home, but I always shave when I go to the barbershop.
You can do it at home too, so why not just leave it at that?

No, no, no, that’s not true!

There’s a shave you can’t get with a selfie shave!
For example, if you’re doing a selfie, do you shave the pubic hair around your forehead, around your ears or around your eyes?

If you go to a barber’s shop, you can get a dignified face because you are shaved firmly to the place where you can’t reach on a daily basis, and because old keratin is shaved off along with the pubic hair, it becomes a shiny face and the outline becomes clear.

And another difference is the “steamed towel.

This is truly a blissful time.
Steamed towels have a meaning to them!
Barbers easily put a warm towel on their faces, but this towel originally had a temperature of over 80 degrees Celsius. What’s more, it contains water, so it’s close to hot water!

That’s a skill you’ve mastered, you can easily put it on your face and let it cool to a comfortable, moderate temperature, it’s a trick!

So, did you know that steamed towels are not just for feeling good?

Open pores with warm steam to remove dirt.

The steam moisturizes and softens the beard.

Moisturizes the entire skin to reduce razor burn.

4. The humidity and temperature of a comfortable steaming towel will improve blood circulation.

4. Relaxation effect is expected (you can see it when you actually feel it)

This time, the method of steamed towel that can be made at home is published.

Even if you can’t do it every day, try it when you have time.

1. Moisten a towel with water and squeeze it lightly.
2、Put 20cc of water in a Ziploc (plastic bag is also acceptable) and put the towel you just mentioned in it.

3. Zip and place on a plate and warm in the microwave for 90 seconds.

4、Open the lid once, and when warm steam comes out, take out of the bag, let it cool a little, and then squeeze it lightly.

If you feel it’s too lukewarm, you can adjust the temperature by adding 30 seconds at a time.

Please be careful not to get too hot or you may get burned.

5. Put a warm towel on your face and say, “Oh, it feels so good.

It is completed with

But my real recommendation is!
How about experiencing a real and comfortable steaming towel and shaving by  Barber shop?

We invite you to experience this comfort for yourself.

Your usual japanese barbershop.
Or, please visit your local barbershop in JP.