FEATHER Club communication 01.SAMURAI EDGE5

The spare blade moves! Head moves! Featured razor

The head portion and the handle portion are separated and the yellow cylinder mounted on the front handle is suspension and the tension of the head portion is made appropriate.

The head portion and the spare blade mounted portion move left and right and backward.

Further ugly is the ability to catch the unevenness of the skin and catch the unevenness of the skin and only shave the beard.


The handle is characteristic and normal razor is cylindrical, but Samurai fdge5 is rather rounded squares. I thought that it was easy to hold because it is thick because there is also thickness.

It is the moment you actually hold, but it is familiar with the hand.

Color tints also remember the design of the famous pocket knife in the rubber part of the rubber part, and again to the interior of the car in the car. . . .



Shaving pleasures shave to fine places because the thickness of the spare blade is thin

And move well!

You can automatically experience the skin that you need to automatically skin while releasing extra tension.

The blade Atari was first grated and felt tight but it became mild while using it several times.

This razor adopts FEATHER's own FSYSTEM if it is this series, 2 sheets of blades, and 3 sheets can also be used.




Kamisori Club Takeuchi

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