KAI Club communication 01 National Motion Features Kai Xfit5

The handle part made of resin is a modern design and yellow and black color use feels a sense of sport.

Unlike the razor, the operation of wearing the spare blade is docked into the convex part of the razor replacement blade in the recessed portion of the handle portion. If you say this docking in my image, the spacecraft feels connected to the space base, and the image that docks again on the ship with a movie. Remembered that tension has risen.


The operation of the replacement blade head part after wearing is fun and fun!

There is a sense of floating and moves freely, and it takes a good tension


Shaving pleasures have a sense of floating and the razor themselves are light, so it tends to apply extra power, but it was smooth and shaved smoothly.

And the handle is easy to handle and easy to handle

The 5-piece blade felt a little bit tight but it is a wonderful razor to think from the price.


I thought that it was an evolutionary version of XFIT disposable

It is a razor that will be excited about the design of the design and the installation part


Catch copy


Kai Space Razor x !!

If you experience this desorption, you can't get out!




Kamisori Club Takeuchi

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