CM of the SCHICK SUPERII1970 generation

In the 1970s, two pieces of blades were born.

It will be to have been an epoch-making safety razor in those days.
It is the razor which two pieces of spare blades of one one form a line in the square cartridge of the rectangular model, and pursued a close shave.
And I came to coat it on the point of a sword so that the blade of the razor did long sharpness more from this time.

It is written to the then manual in this way.

I draw the mustache which was left at the same time as the first piece blade shaves a mustache on ヒフ.
I do not miss it, and the second piece blade cuts it before a drawn mustache returns to a pore.
I shave it more briefly

A very plain manual.
This is the definition of four-100ths second (I explain it on the next time).

The commercial of the old razor is the scene of a smile and the shaver of the person.

It is really clear and is plain. I thought of と

The safety razor which still follows more than 40 years

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