With this razor, you can feel the Tour de France with your eyes.


The blade is mounted in both the top and bottom directions.
This video was stabbed only hobby bicycle♩
And that's my impression.

I'm not a road bike, but a mountain bike.
It is an important bicycle that I have been riding for about 10 years
And I have never shaved the body hair until now, this razor was released and shaved this time.

It is self-praise, but the legs are slippery.
The arm is also slippery.
I really like this product because it has no hair, so there is a feeling of cool and smooth as the wind hits the skin directly
In fact, I'm sweaty....But the experience was like this
The reason for shaving is reduction of air resistance,healing of injuries in the event of a fall is quick and so on.
I am not an athlete so far, but the impression that it was good to shave another
Small insects do not stick to snail hair and arm hair!!
There is a horde of small insects on the riverbed, and I encountered it brilliantly when I was running on a bicycle there!
My eyes are protected because I wear sunglasses,but I take measures by holding my breath and closing my mouth.
And at the same time, a horde of tiny bugs occasionally gets into the legs and arms・・・・

It's this amount of hair, so it gets in, right?・・・
It's gone and I'm like, " Whoa!It is a surprise and joy, maybe the same feeling of the small insect hordes♩

Reviews about the features of this razor

This razor has been developed as a leather for the body and is designed to deflect by moving it up and down.
3 blades at the top and 2 Blades at the bottom.There is a role to set the fins in the middle part and make the hair stand.

Please look at the part of the blade well.
The 3 blades on the top are mounted facing down,and the 2 blades on the bottom are mounted facing up.

This means that you can shave in both directions by moving the razor up and down.

Above is my painting.I think that there is also a part that is difficult to convey because it is quite a masterpiece, but here is your charm.
Razor blades are 1, 2, 3 and now there are up to 5 blades.The above picture is a picture seen from the side of the blade of the razor.
Considering the Atari of the skin, it is made so that the blade gradually comes out from the blade that the beard hits first, and finally a comfortable shave can be done.
I know this kind of gimmick is not generally told, but the degree of attachment was more giddy.
And for the body, the hair is not as thick as a normal shaving, so the appearance of the blade seems to be soft.
Certainly the body hair is not hard and there are various parts to shave so I see!I thought

How to use me
Actually, the tip part of the razor is quick, quick.I can wear it to the razor holder of Hydro 5 which adheres to the skin and movement

Quick, quick.It is easy because the blade is in close contact with the knee and elbow part and the rounded part because it moves.
Can you shave like an eraser on a package?!
Seriously?!He said: 'it's been a long time.

This, indeed.If you shave long body hair, shave up and down while taking a shower to the place where you shave a little"oops!It was a shaved taste of surprise.
Body hair is already shaved 2〜3 days passed and shaved in the same way, it feels like you erased it with an eraser♩
Because I shave up and down, it becomes slippery in one time
It is a personal impression, so for your reference

This razor is SCHICK HYDRO BODY groomer RIZAP specification.
It is recommended not only for cyclists but also for everyone
This game is very fun and I love it.

I am trying to feel the Tour de France with my eyes and skin by adjusting myself with the HYDRO BODY groomer.

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