Masahiro Ohashi talks about double-edged razors.

August 2019 We have received a request for another photo shoot with MR. SCHICK, who is always with us.
This time, SCHICK's new razor
Jajan. What!

has been released
My fore person was shaving with this razor every morning. It took a long time to put a sharp razor on his face.
The double-edged razor has a blade on both sides as if it were a letter, and the beard has come to be able to be changed on both sides.

This time, the famous world's razor maker SCHICK, which pursues the state-of-the-art technology of razors and develops new products every day, is newly released!
A century ago classical razor manufactured in early 1900Reprinted in 2019

In 1965, SCHICK is already made of resin and metal more than 50 years ago from the release of the double-opening type (butterfly open) razor has a moderate profound feeling, the case can also be stored in a hard case You can see that it was an essential tool of razor important men that was not cheap at the time

The letter specified on the back of the hard case is written as chitin and 1965
And a double-edged razor that has been released this time!

The 2019 renewal model is all metal without resin being used. And it is a double-opening type (butterfly open) which is a cool feature
Turn the bottom part of the razor to open the top.

The replacement blade is made at the SCHICK Solingen plant and is a replacement time, but we recommend replacing it in 12-14 days.
It is an explanation about the razor, but from here on out, please actually watch the video.
Razor Club Grooming Instructor Masahiro Ohashi talks about HOW TO andCARE

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