The razor that sticks to the stick is finished!(SCHICK XTREME3 SMOOTH FIT)

The evolution of disposable razors
Place the razor on the button part as shown in the photo where you want to replace the blade
It is an interesting exchange type that has never been before

The razor head moves from side to side to accurately capture the beard and shave it off
This gimmick is a strange feeling.

The blade also bends when you push it.
The technology that has been passed down since 1991 is still used after about 30 years
The number of Blades has increased, the coating technology has also evolved, and this time it is a razor that has become easier to shave than to move from side to side

Shaving comfort review

There is a feeling that the blade adsorbs to the skin
3 blade and evolved blade is moved to the left and right to bend when it hits the skin, so there is no feeling that it is floating and the blade is in close contact with the skin as a whole
Places that are relatively difficult to shave, such as under the chin
The blade moves left and right, and up and down, so shave it with SASA
It's quite an all-lander.

As it is close to a disposable razor, there is no weight in the razor itself (umm,,,, it is a waste・・・)
Therefore, the force of pressing the razor against the skin tends to enter,but the force escapes unexpectedly because the blade bends.However, it is a caution to put too much effort after all

It's on the package.
Three technologies for close shave」
This is true!
I felt that the blade adsorbed more than the adhesion in the personal view
It's a good product, but it's not as good as it used to be.
You can shave without tingling
It is the time of replacement of the blade, but I recommend about 10 days
It depends on the thickness of the beard, but please try this much as a guide if you are relatively thick

SCHICK official site is here
Chic extreme 3 smooth fit with 4 Blades)

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