How to Choose a Kamisori in accordance with the shaving of the ground (SCHICK Part)

The shaving is the ritual of a man who is inherited from the first.

A shark blade, a shell, and a bronze vessel used to be shaved in a long time ago!
but it's actually mowing the jigs.

In the 1900s, the steel and steel were advanced, and they evolved into modern Kamisoli.
So, a personal feeling about the shaving of a traditional casysol, and I thought about it, and it was a summary of that. So I want you to try it.

I'd be happy if you'd like to see the blade of this capysol!

a double-edged kamisoli that can be enjoyed by a traditional sense of joliljoli
Thick Super II Plus

(Ultraplace is a moving type of head)

As the CM was up on the youtube at that time, it could be used as a reference.

CLASSICAL SHAVING (Krasical shaving)
It has been released in the 1970s and is still in sale.
This is the origin of a shaved part of the shaved part of the shaved part.

One blade is attached to the blade, and the first blade that is left with the blade is shaved with another blade, and a shave is ready to shave.
The shaving flavor is not gentle, but the shaving is directed to the holder for the shaving of the jay and the shaving.
Osmime is the hardest shaving way to shave.

Thick Protector
PROTECT SHAVING (Protected shaving)

In 1995, a wiggard with a wiggard with a catchphrase of 'breaking!' was caught in the world.

A wire guard is a blade with a wire in between the blade that the skin does not hurt when the blade is slippered.
Two blades and three blades and the number of blades are increased and the head is shaving, so it becomes more closely adhesive to the skin, so it is smooth and smooth and smooth.
It's not a good software, but it's kind of sweet compared to what is classically.

Thick-quattro 4
PROGRESSIVE SHAVING, a kind of gentle and benign skin.


* At the time, the CM was up to youtube and it was used as a reference.

In 2004, the blade was increased by 4 and 5 blades to increase the blade pressure of one blade, and the blade was used to spread the blade.
Before this, I was a shave of shave, and from here I began to feel my burden on the skin.
As the number of the blade is too large, the shaving of the details is not good, and in order to make up for it, the design cutter can be mounted on the back side of the blade and shaved the bottom of the nose, such as the lower nose.
The QUATRO4 blade is equipped with a wiring-guard, but it has no five blades.
The sensation of the shaving is the sensation, and the sense of smoothing is, "Suh."He shaved without stress, and had a gentle shave on the skin, too.
In a word, it's the software.

Recently, the latest technology has been made into this kamisori.HYDRO5 CUSTOM
MOST PROGRESSIVE SHAVING, the Best Progressiblest Shobbing

In 2018, she will shave her skin out of a "gentle shaving place" to her skin and her skin care after shaving.
At the top of the blade, three gel pools (which are equipped with a lubricant on the body of the skin), and when they shave at the same time they shave at the same time they shave, they smooth the lubrication and shave as much as possible to the skin.
The gel pool box at the top of the blade can be moved back in a movable expression, and the upper part of the blade part becomes the cutter and can shave underneath the nose.
In the body of a kamisoli, a car is suspended, and it is shaved and shaved with a suspension of the skin by sensing the skin.
If you don't think of it, and you put it on your skin, you can detect and automatically mitigate the burden of your skin and your skin, and you can automatically escape.


SCHICK: The Strangest of the Inobis
Now, it's not manufacturing it, but it's on a superseded blade.

As the CM was up on the youtube at that time, it could be used as a reference.

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