It is a man's skin, and a far-off shaving.and the SCHICK HYDRO5 custom referral and review

In 2018, she will shave her skin out of a "gentle shaving place" to her skin and her skin care after shaving.
At the top of the blade, three gel pools (which are equipped with a lubricant on the body of the skin), and when they shave at the same time they shave at the same time they shave, they smooth the lubrication and shave as much as possible to the skin.

There are three different types of kamisori and yellowish blades: blue, green, yellow, and yellow.

It is the way to call for a blue (high-rate) ample.After shaving with the coconut oil, the skin has been shatted.

Green (Comfort) sensitive skin.Herb extract: Expectation of an effective skin condition

How to ask for fresh (refresh) exhilaration.Mentor contagion: characterized by a clean fragrance and a feeling of coolness

The gel pool box at the top of the blade can be moved back in a movable expression, and the upper part of the blade part becomes the cutter and can shave underneath the nose.

The HYDRO-water's power jerbox contains moisture and gel soluble and smoothed the skin.
This is the power of "water," which is the latest blade of the last capsule.

When you look at the body of the capysol, the upper part is divided into two parts.In the car, there is a suspension, and I'm going to shave it up and down while I'm aware of the skin decovoo.
If you don't think of it, and you put it on your skin, you can detect and automatically mitigate the burden of your skin and your skin, and automatically ease your power.

The reverse side of the blades can be seen between the blade and the blade.The reason for this is that when you shave, you can quickly get a blade, a bubbling, and a water supply, and the water supply is designed to wash through the gaps.

Hydro's blade is also made in the United States by introducing the highest level of steel, like Cuo Toro.

The white seven gel pools at the top of the gel pool.Each extract gel will melt out, and the skin will be protected from friction.
The resin in the lower part of the exchange is called Parallelfin and the Guard bar, and the fin has a role to support the shaving of the skin by adding to the skin of the skin.
And if you look at the blade, you can see if you can see the blade on the lower part of the blade, and it's called a skinguard, and it controls the movement of the skin, and it helps to reduce friction.

Describe in the video

Raving the way of shaving

This is a single word that can be summarized in a single word.

"It is easy,"

I can only see this word.
This is the first time that the gel that melted from the jerbox is to protect the skin (the image of the membrane), so it's close to having no sense of shaving.but it is actually shaved.
Even if a skinguard is attached to a single blade with a single blade, it is not strong enough to escape from the blade, and the blade is attached to the skin, and the suspensions that are attached to the kamisoli itself are operating, and the extra pressure is dispersed.I actually felt the skin care protected with a bladed blade and a casmie Soli.
The use of 2 and 3 degrees will gradually decrease the number of jerbots.I think there's a personal difference, but in my case, it's about seven days, and I'm going to lose the gel.
There's no gel in it. It's not about the time of the exchange, but it turns out there's a shaving flavor.
We use shaving. We use shaving. We use it as it is, and we exchange it for about 10 days, because it's dark.
A trimmer mounted at the top of the alternate blade can shave off its beard, nose, and other beetle.

A flap-type trimer with a blade at the top edge of the top of the top of the blend appears, when the jelbox is left behind.
It can be used as a trimer of fine-grained parts such as the lower part of the nose, and so on.

A blue button moving up and down in the middle of the kamisoli.Normally, you can run the suspension and shave, but the suspensions are locked and pinned when you move the button up to your preference.

the holder of a kamisoli is a combination of a resin of alloy and black parts as well as quatro
It's a very easy-to-hold-to-hold style.

It's very easy to use, and it's got a design that is very close to your skin and shaved.
If you have a plaque on it, you can wipe it up with a narrow towel.
In my case, I remove the blade, and I'll drop the washer, the washish, the washed water, and I'll drop the water. (For reference, I'd like to take my own responsibility for it.)
In particular, the black portion of the black saponos is conspicuous, so you can wash it and wash it, and you can get pretty clean with the killer.

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