SCHICK Chic Quattro 4 Introduction & Review

Chic Quattro 4
Innovative progressive RAZOR (progressive leather) that is gentle on the skin

It is a blade that was devoted to shaving taste by dispersing the blade pressure that hangs on the skin of each blade by increasing the number of blades to 4.5 sheets, which appeared in 2004.
Until the previous model, it was the pursuit of deep shaving, but from here it will evolve into a razor that considers reducing the burden on the skin.
And Quattro razor, in fact, it can be said that it is one of the features that you can use both according to your preference with four blades, five blades and one razor.

Quattro 4 blade is equipped with a wire guard, but five blades are not attached.
It changes from the feeling of shaving with a razor to the feeling of sliding. It shaves the beard without stress, it is a shave taste that is gentle on both the skin and the beard.
The blue smoother attached to the top of the cartridge contains aloe vitamin E to improve blade slippage.
The blade of the replacement blade can be said to be the most heart part of the razor.
Quattro blades are manufactured at a German factory with the introduction of the highest steel

Shaving comfort review

When you shave for the first time, the cutting edge feels hard and the blade firmly captures it so as not to miss the beard! It's shaved.
Because the cutting edge of the lower stand rather than the pain is especially sharp, I catch the beard and shave it off.
The wire guard is the same as the protector that has been taken over from all models and is a slip prevention guard.
A wire is wound around the replacement blade, but there is no feeling that the blade is floating when shaving, and the beard is shaved off firmly. If you use it every morning at 2 degrees and 3 degrees, the blade will gradually become dull from an angle of sharpness and the shaving comfort will be mild. And I think that it is a feature of Quattro, but I feel that the sharpness is getting better for me to use, and there is also a feeling that the blade is familiar to the skin to a good feeling
The beard is thick, but I use it every morning and change it in two weeks.

I'm not good at shaving small parts because of the large number of blades.
In order to compensate for this, a design cutter can be mounted on the back of the replacement blade and raised, and the beard, such as under the nose, can be shaved.
The person who stores the beard is convenient when arranging the kiwa of the line of the beard.

Razor holder combined with alloy and white resin
It is a style that is easy to hold even if it becomes non-slip.

It is easy to get used to the hand and adopts a design that can be shaved in close contact with the skin.
If water plaque adheres, wipe it off with a squeezed towel.
In my case, remove the replacement blade and remove the wash water plaque with sardines (for reference, but at your own risk)

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