A beautiful five-blade Bamboo Bamboo Razor made of real bamboo.

BRAND BULLDOG, which pours the memory into every item
The natural material, bamboo, feels warm when you have it in your hand.
It's one of the characteristics of nature's ability to fit in with a natural, concustive, concustive, concave,
It also has a waterproof, antibacterial, or antibacterial nature of bamboo.

The thick-off of the razor blade is very thin at 0.075mm.
This thin blade has the same hardness as a copper wire, and it shaves off the edge of the blade, and it gives a lubricle to the skin, and the shaving of the shaving can be done in a comfortable way.
5. The cutting edge of the blade is also shaved with the blade pressure being dispersed, and it is also shaved with the shaving side of the blade at the edge of the blade, and properly shaves the details of the fine portion of the blade, such as the shaving of the pear, the cut, the lower nose, and so on.
It can also be used for the design of a designed toy line.

devising so that they can be loved and lovable.
you can remove it, and you can make it happen around the day.
The rods in the middle, the head, the alloy,
and if you wipe it with a squeeze towel, it'll be clean.
BULL DOG's LOGO is printed on the end cap
I thought this is the kind of geimmick.

the elegous beauty of the formos of bamboo
The ritual of a good shaving begins.

a kamisoli that has been perfected with extravagant material
What! \1,500 go on sale!

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