Blade sticks to skin! The shakuk FX 2 blade of the razor that the blade inherited now is bent from

Chic FX released by two blades bent in 1991
1, softer shaving
2 without a simple shave
3 speedy skin

The quality of this razor and the cutting edge of the technology at that time
I can see the photograph that shaved on the skin
I remember that I was 18 years old
All of the basic razors were always accepted by the manufacturer
At that time, the two blade blade razor of G company became a topic, and both were used
It was good for both teenagers to shave
FX razor turns blade! It was interesting to feel that the touch of the skin was full of the memory of the razor

FX Gold Edition Limited Edition
There is a protector in the model after this, but here is
The razor of those days has a limited series

This is FX dia. Blade with diamond coating on blade and long cutting edge
The sharpness of the wonder and the ideal shaving of the ideal are described
I am interested in the illustration of the blade of the following explanation♩
The traditional blade of the company made it like this...
History of package description
Great luck!

After that, triple edge triple edge that was bent was released

Extreme 3 initial model
As of 2020, the package is changed and the handle part is changed to blue

FX or triple edge is a razor
The extreme 3 is one disposable razor which is replaced by one handle
Even if it becomes 3 blades, I can understand this bend and adhesion to the skin in this photograph

It is an introduction of the razor that the blade of Scheck that has been succeeded in various changes in the period since about

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