Schick Club Communication 21. Kiwami

A new razor has appeared from Schick!
The name is also "extreme"

It seems to be a Japanese limited model of two colors of Black and Silver
Since Hydro5 is a successor, we have been reviewing at another site
The video of another site has disappeared because the razor is disconnected ...
Kazori Club and Higus Club Members Maintained Member Members Sorry orz only for the videos that were created by

It became a compact package made with fine paper from past plastic packages

When it comes out from the package, the method of removing the spare blade is specified with an illustration.

Color is modern and black and silver.
Recent razors are often used in various colors, and this simple and stylish design is that the nature of razor = shaving taste.

Same as HYDRO5
A shaving was made in the video I made together The Battle Club Maru Mountain was the movement of the barber's wrist and conveyed the importance of this tension.
Distribute pressure at this point and control the skin around the skin

A photo of the tightening was combined with the Italian stand
If you stand and store it like a pen, you may want to make the washbasin.

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