The HISTORY history

The long-established store in the razor maker (1875) world for 1,875 years. The released American first "star leather" was the epoch-making product which acquired domestic and foreign prizes by a superior design and production technology in those days.
I produced the many perfect gems which were got close to from the company name change later in our country in the times of the single edge safety razor including Cem Yankee British Ever Ready.

※As for the product, the case, the images using in an article, a razor club keeps original で.
I can read the real thing in a showroom (pre-order required). Please inquire for rental or the licensing.

Characteristic of the FEATURE maker

There is Mr. King G Gillette in the founder in an American first razor maker
It is the maker where an OEM product produces a razor, spare blades in the center and produces the industrial knives mainly
It becomes Edgewell Personal Care group now

PRODUCTS representative-like product

Star leather

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