ancient Camisoli

It is the origin of human culture.
It began with shaving of the beard.

a stone blade of obsidian

It is said that mankind had begun to use something similar to a blade in order to remove beard, hair, hair, and hair long before a long history.In the Paleolithic period, the shells, animal bones, shark teeth, and flammable stones were processed into cutting tools.In the Stone Age, people were forced to shave their beard as a means of self-defense so that they could not hold a beard in battle.It is said that the competition for survival is the origin of the ruin of the cimosol.

It is estimated that the Neolithic Stone Age had been using obsidian stone blades, but in a report by a Japanese academic research team in 1963, there is a record that the natives who live in the highlands of New Guinea have witnessed the shaving of the beard by holding obscurity of triangle black-toed and shaving the beard.

Bronze blade

In ancient Babylonia, the promise of a person with no beard is said to be a good reason, and in the contrary, it is known that in Egypt he shaved the beard and head of the chin.It is said that the face with no beard was shown to indicate the height of the social status.It seems that the devil who had settled in his body at the time of his time had fled his head from his head to heaven, and he had shaved his hair and his jigs.There was a king who had shaved her beard, and wearing a gold or silver imitation of a "beard."

This custom also spread among the Greeks and Romans in 330 BC, under the reign of Alexander the Great, as a defensive measure to prevent the enemy from holding their hair in the battle against white soldiers.Thus, as the shaving custom gradually penetrated into most parts of the world, tribal men who were not in the habit of shaving their hair came to be called "Barbarian" (Barbarian) in the sense of unshaved human beings (unbarberd).

With the discovery of the bronze ware, various forms of knives came to be made. In Europe between 1400 BC and 1000 B.C., a long square blade with a spiral-shaped clench-shaped clench-shaped crab was used in the European Central Europe.It is thought that the pictures and letters used in the myth were engraved, and it was used as a ceremonial style.

In Egypt in the 14th century B.C., an axe-type shaving sword was used, and in the era of the new Kingdom, it is known that a similar shape appeared in the present Leather (Western Camisoli).It is said that it was in the Roman period around the 6th century when a folding-style, folded-edged sword was used to be used as a folding-blade with a folding-blade called a lather. The folding-edge reza, which began to be used in Rome, spread to the general public, but the practice of shaving every day is considered to be the Scypio, who was a Roman statesman. In ancient Greece, there is a record that a three-day-moon-shaped casmith had been found in 325 years.

It was in the Middle Ages that it had spread to Europe in earnest.This is because the blade industry has developed.

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