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In 1932, Toshiko Kosaka and eijiro endo were established as the manufacturer of the replacement blade in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, and the name of the time was named "Seki safety razor manufacturing joint stock company".

Narijiro endo managed endo knife factory in Seki and made good quality knives, but the bankruptcy of the dealership and the world depression occurred, and the sales of the knife fell.
At that time, at the hardware store in Tokyo, "the knife cannot sell but the safety razor is sold!" He was interested in knowing information.
I looked at the razor business, and consulted with Kazuo Kosaka, who was a trading destination, for the manufacture of razor. Toshio Kosaka was from Seki (the old family name was kakutaro Ishida, and he was a family of forged people for generations. After graduating from the elementary school, he grew up to the edge of the metal shop in Japan, which was mainly sold in the western part of Osaka, by the business and effort, as he was recognized as an adopted child in kozaka shoten (a shop for cutting edge) in Osaka Prefecture, and became an adopted son. At that time, the blade of the razor made in foreign countries was the mainstream, but the high unit price, and the reason, jijiro endo said that it wants to make the blade of the razor that is good even in Japan. The research mind and execution power of seijiro endo. Toshio Kosaka's business talent met with a new business partner. After that, I learned that two Germans had a machine that can manufacture a razor blade in Amagasaki. After that, he made feather's most famous double-edged blades to follow the current evolution.
It is a beautiful domestic brand that the most Japanese has bathed in the benefit until the period of the war liberalization period of the T-shaped razor from the prewar period to the postwar market liberalization age.
The product in the market in the T-shaped holder age was excellent in design, material and processing technology, and it was rich in the type.

They are now widely manufactured as razors, medical products and industrial products.

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