Birth and spare blade revolution of "the injector"

It is 1762 that the model of "a safety razor" following to date was born as I wrote even the history of the cutthroat. The 20th century began, and King C Gillette developed a spare blade-type safety razor, and after that the technique accomplished evolution in an instant. I introduce about a perfect gem "injector" of SCHICK( chic) and a change of the material of spare blade in itself equipped with a mechanism of "spare blade exchange" epoch-making this time.

Is it a running fire type in a single edge? Appearance of the chic injector

As for the perfect gem "injector of SCHICK( chic) proud of deep-rooted popularity to ," the model was devised now in 1921 by a hand of American veteran Jacob Schick.

At this time, the made trial product made a conventional double-edged razor a single edge and was the appearance of the safety razor which was epoch-making with the thing which running fire-type could exchange the blade which it became old, besides, and the sharpness fell into with without touching a blade directly. Because it was convenient for carrying and was functional, it spread not to mention the safety of the spare blade having increased by the appearance of the injector rapidly all over the world. SCHICK( chic) goes into Japan by import liberalization after World War II in the 1960s, and "the injector" exceeds a share of Gillette of the mainstream "double-edged blade" safety razor in those days and comes to boast of the country top.

It is a digression, but, in fact, this Jacob Schick is a developer of the electric shaver along with an injector. Schick who developed the main product of current "wet shaving" "dry shaving" both sides says the inventor of a razor equal to King C Gillette and thinks that it must be it.

A stainless steel spare blade is a spare blade of the ideals

Double-edged blade and two types of the injector became mainstream, and, after injector birth, the safety razors spread. As for the then spare blade, a carbon (carbon steel) blade was used for both types for a long time.

However, a great revolution happens to a spare blade. It is the appearance of the stainless steel spare blade.

Instead of being sharp, it was a difficult point to be easy to be rusted when I got wet with water, and the carbon spare blade was rusted as soon as I left you unattended with getting wet, and there were a lot of cases which therefore were not usable.
In the climate of a high temperature, the high humidity such as Japan, it was rusted in particular, and there was easy to be it, and, as for the problem that a blade was rusted before I hardly used it, each maker was not able to readily dissolve together.

Of the U.K.WilkinsonBut, the world largest company which the stainless steel spare blade which I announced relieved "the rust" of the difficult problem and showed a rapid spread around Europe and made with carbonGilletteI was forced to も, following. Because it was hard to be rusted, and resin coating was considered to be it to a blade, the hit to skin was the spare blade which met the condition that two disagreed with to be soft though the sharpness was sharp. Furthermore, is not exaggeration even if it is said that the advantage that the sharpness lasts was improved for the preparation, a knife to the place that is near to an ideal; carry it on its back. After that the mainstream of the spare blade greets the glory years of the stainless steel spare blade in place of a carbon spare blade.

"Stainless steel Schick" who settled in Japan

As stated above, it was said that the Japanese climate did not last a long time for the blade of the razor in severe environment. SCHICK( Schick) who I have "an injector", and performed an active business activity in Japan pushes a revolutionary stainless steel spare blade immediately on the front and plans the fixation of the image "to be chic speaking of stainless steel".

At first it is enforcement by the large-scale promotion that I distribute 3,500,000 pieces of samples of the spare blade of the double-edged blade stainless steel to free to appeal by "the arrival as a strategy product with the double-edged stainless steel spare blade which there was many of the user in those days in the times of the stainless steel" in 1965. It took root in Japan with naming of "stainless steel Schick". 15 barbers appeared even for the then TV commercial and recommended the durability of the stainless steel spare blade, and I still took in rare explanation-shaped technique, and it was with a topic.

It is said that one of the reasons why Gillette was not able to make rapid progress in Japan had the persistence to the carbon spare blade at this stage while having the biggest share in the world. The lack of the flexibility in the sales strategy will leave big aftereffects in later Gillette.

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