The change of the shaving market in postwar razor Historical Memoirs Episode 1 Japan

Representative of razor club Yasuoki Takeuchi contribution

Only the safety razor of the domestic product circulated mainly, and, in the razor market of our country, domestic product glory years existed until trade liberalization of 1960 was started after the war after 15 years. Above all, I greatly separated other domestic makers and occupied 80% of shares, and the feather (1953 company name change) was proud of the nation's largest scale. After World War II, the pressure of the overseas maker increased while the Japanese economy accomplished remarkable revival and development, and I entered in 1960, and import liberalization was carried out at last, and a world razor maker was prepared on the stage of a Japanese market, and it was with an opening scene of a play for the full-scale razor wartime. At first a razor holder (part of the pattern) is left open as an original liberalization item in April, 1960 and will be completely liberalized including a spare blade successively in November, 1962 two years later.

I repeated failure repeatedly, but American Schick still dominates it as a brand leader for a brand with each maker together strategic success now afterwards. A photograph or the newspaper article which I put our body for the maelstrom of a fierce fierce battle of the razor business of - 2000 with father in 1960 for 40 years after the liberalization, and me experiences it and got become vast. A summary wants to introduce a trend and the change of the market share according to the maker for your information without taking the precious document about the change of the razor market of Japan below. Particularly, I want to convey that there were father, exceptional effort and patience of Kinzo Takeuchi as the person who dug the first step namely the well as a success secret story of the chic razor. It is a place that it is a pride and takes pride in for a true son, the me who watched the figure in a side at the same time. There was much knowledge that I was able to learn in various ways because there was a large amount of business including Schick by such a maelstrom with influential razor makers.

Peter Oliver center ,& left edge father who visited Japan for the first time in those days before trade liberalization (1960) of our country for the duty era in Gillette Corporation, Kinzo Takeuchi April, 1957


When I display a change and the change of the market share of each razor maker as follows according to the generation,

Annual 1965 1970 1971 1975 1976 1980 2000
Chic 4.7% 25% 37.6% 59.1% 63.6% 69.8% 60%
Gillette 9.4% 8.1% 17.4% 13.1% 12.9% 10.2% 20%
Feather 72.7% 42.7% 19.0% 12.7% 11.1% 9.4% 6%
Wilkinson 2.2% 11.9% 12.3% 7.8% 6.4% 4.5% 0%
Others 11.4% 12.3% 13.7% 7.1% 6.0% 6.3% 14%

The success in Japan of the chic razor began in the Briton who worked in the razor maker, Peter Oliver and father, the meeting point with Kinzo Takeuchi. When father was an acquaintance and visited Japan for the first time in 1957 (32, Showa) years since I worked in selfish Gillette Corporation, Peter Oliver was the person whom the liberalization of the razor told the thing that was forward for approximately about a half year. I transferred to エバーシャープシック company of the same United States in about 1967 and played an active part as Far East manager afterwards in the Belgian Brussels headquarters. Sense of the profound knowledge lacks in 深 in Japanese culture such as tea ceremony in particular, flower arrangement, Zen; whenever visited Japan, deepened friendship with father who was a businessman. His favorite phrase was that the "Japanese market entrusted a Japanese, and the product power and the sales promotion budget said with" which was one's responsibility.

Peter Oliver this side right that I left Gillette Corporation after it, and visited Japan again after it was this time for chic Far East manager Era, Kinzo Takeuchi left edge, Yasuoki Takeuchi author center, February, 1968


In any case, as for the success in the Japanese market of the chic razor, it was had a strong interest in many people concerned afterwards, and the me explained the process as much as possible each time in the situation of the third party. And I accepted a lot internal and external media coverage including Washington Post and the Nihon Keizai Shimbun. Gillette proud of approximately 65% of market shares in Continental United States was sluggish in approximately 18% in Japan, and, as for amount Schick having won more than 65%, judging from world common sense, it was to a rare case. The success results in the Japanese market where I built the exceptional example only for it were precious stories, and, as for this, it was surely to learning materials to be interested in very much for people who wanted to be marketing. The success of Schick was for life to survive, and father, Kinzo recollected casually later when it was passion to carry out. As a result, I seemed to be satisfied that it became so for father even if I could not prove it theoretically.

There should be a lot of people who cannot explain it to another person well even if trained in a skill like a craftsman in the world. The theory in arms useless thing is no use again even if there is educational background. I have asked when I suffered for 20-around 30 years to become a common skilled worker to finish one kitchen knife. The razor was the same in old days, too. And it was approximately 100 years ago now, but American King C Gillette suggested the model of the spare blade type safety razor after pains in 1904 and let the automation to the mass production system succeed afterwards. A razor blade made by stainless steel was released in the 1960s by the British Wilkinson company and called for a big topic afterwards. A stainless steel blade has already become the mainstream now in the European and American beginning developed country. And I enter in the times from a conventional double-edged blade type to the chic injector of the single edge type from about 1962. Thereafter it is the glory years of the chic razor from the about 1970s and I greatly separate other companies and dominate it as なを brand leader now.

Five pieces of blades were the U.S. market as hi-tech tip product at last, and the blade of the razor which began with one piece of blade if I recalled it was released in the early spring of two pieces of blades, three pieces of blades, four pieces of blades and 2006 of this year by largest Gillette Corporation. A remarkable technological change was made what within the short term of 35 years by two pieces of blades developed in 1970 and the razor main body was big and changed. And original product development advances after new product sensor of Gillette Corporation of 1989, it with the arrival of two pieces of blades era every maker, and the compatibility to the spare blade which has been common for a long time comes to give consumers confusion without most and feels uneasy about it when rather I might bring minus for the whole wet razor market. And if the same state will continue in future, the difference between makers spreads more and more, and it must be in the oligopoly-like market with the American capital.

Our country of a chic injector razor given father, Kinzo at that time (the 1960s) by Peter Oliver's first poster (heartwarming shaver photograph of parent and child)


Anyway, the shaver act that I cannot miss for a man is a special privilege, but is a thing troublesome at the same time. It is not bad to add business with an electric shaver, but after all is limited to a wet method by the washing in water if it becomes the full-scale shaving. Because I will cut it with the inner blade which the electric shaver protects it with an outside blade to remove the mustache in the face, and turns, the safety is high, but is slightly short in satisfaction when it is in 深剃 and refreshment. In that respect, because the point of a sword hits face directly, I do not leave the wet shaving unshaved, and the close shave is enabled. In addition, the refreshment with the lotion after the shaver right brings the best feeling as a ceremony of the men. Because both the electricity and the washing in water method have both good points and bad points each, it is excellent, but there are considerably many people whom I double and while still being good, and using both properly. I am said to be 50:50 by the comparison of the market amount of money mutually.

I see a lot of witty razors for women recently at store. There is the safety, and the design has many colorful, splendid things which are not for men. It is the razor which is ideal for a woman alone. But after all there are many things using a spare blade for men when I look well. This is because it is not necessary to change it essentially. The women who an exposure degree of the skin increases in fashion society, and care about disposal of unwanted hair or tibia hair increase steadily. Put it together with the change of the times when I look after young women revealing a navel unconcernedly, and a change gets up in 売筋商品. The razor with safe overpass for exclusive use of a woman released in the United States in 1970, the flicker jab were introduced in Japan two years later. The がその flicker jab that this type of razor became the origin of the safety razor with present, overpass which became mainstream was a product of product made in United States ASR Corporation which Mitsui & Co., Ltd. imported at first. This maker was the maker which was the oldest in American three major razor makers established in 1873, and Kao had sold カミソソリ as カオーペルソナ for double-edged blades against Wilkinson of the lion at the mid-1960s, but the result was over for failure.

I visit エバーシャープシック company in attendance upon father during university attendance at school for the first time. Chic razor business headquarters charge vice-president then the center, Robert Alfred loss he, right and left in Kinzo Takeuchi ,& 康起 January, 1964 in United States Connecticut Milford

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