The rod-shaped razor that I made longing for the shaving scene of Westerns

I don't think there was always a beard-shaving scene in the old movie Westerns.

When I was in elementary school, when I came home from school, my grandmother was always watching on Channel 11 (TV Tokyo) at that time, and I still vividly remember that there was water in a white tub at that time and I was doing a barber's razor myself.

Shaving is a knife after all, and men are also something that is tickled for some reason

As we evolve with civilization, razor blades, which are essential tools, are also absolute necessities.

So I made a modern version of this rod-shaped razor.

If you're a man, that scene is really cool!

Because the untouchable De Niro moved in the scene that has been shaved by The Barber, the scene of the Hara haradoki when you cut the skin is also cool!

The replacement blade is a commercially available fixed-type two-piece blade and a razor blade is attached to both

A negative screw stopper is attached to the tip of the razor to prevent it from falling out

We really need a negative driver.

Remove the screw at the tip, attach a sliding blade, and tighten the screw again.

Enjoy shaving with both blades well

It will be fun when you can do it well

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