I'm with The Barber.

It was published in the morning edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun with THE BARBER who has been close to me since day to day.

Barber with a sense of luxury that first developed a stylish BARBER wearing a suit

The other day, Hiro Mazda appeared in a documentary on NHK and listened to it.
Well, it's really cool!
This year I'm 73 years old and not much different from my father, but the vitality is amazing!
In the program, I was told with a sincere smile that I really liked the work of a barber, and at the same time, I was still a hiyore to talk openly without concealing the story of failure, but I was just respected and moved.

And last year, what!
I was allowed to attend the commemorative party that won the Yellow Ribbon Medal from the Emperor.

I was greeted at the beginning with the recommendation of various people, but I thought that it was a result of Hiro Mazda's enthusiasm, passion, and achievement.

Hiro Mazda listens to his speech and always speaks to me in a friendly way. It is a mixture of that kindness and the great one, and it is very Jean. I almost cried involuntarily.

The hero in me

I'm on my own.
The Barber http://www.thebarber.jp/

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