The charm stand that charms the razor coolly

Don't you worry about where to put the razor?

It is good if there is a place and a storage place to stand up even after using it, but in general, it is easy to put it in a bad way.

Moreover, the blade of the razor is made very delicately.

In recent years, the cutting edge of a razor seems to be 8nm x 0.000008mm and there is also a razor blade that is so thin that 2,100 sheets of cutting edge is required to make one copy paper.
Thanks to the research and development of a better shaver every day, we can shave pleasant whiskers every day.
Thank you, Year!

By the way, the beard has the same hardness as copper wire, and has a diameter of 0.1 mm. That
The razor blade of 0.000008mm is very tough to shave, but at the same time it is delicate.
Therefore, if you put it unknically and the cutting edge hits somewhere, the life of the blade may be shortened, and it is better for hygiene to keep it properly, isn't it?

Then, it changes so much when I put it on the stand!

It is a feeling that the razor on the market of a cool design originally became more elegant.

Razor-only stand that can be easily set up without taking up a place in a little feeling

You don't have to worry about the cutting edge lying somewhere.

A round hole in the end of the stand makes it easier to remove moisture from it.

There is also an effect that the conical end part of the razor is caught and it becomes difficult to slip from the stand.

It is a stand made in the workshop of The Italian Philense.

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