The Yokohama Barbershop, which can feel the United States as well as ROUTE66, is a good one.B-COLECTOR.(Article)

Floor barber B-Collecotr in the back alleys.

It is said that the area near Higashi Kanagawa Station and Higashi-Shiroraku Station changed to the back of the street due to the expansion of the road in recent years, as the street was located on the street.

The barbershop where the originality is created in that location is called B-Collector.

It is the leader of the Hige Club, and is a Maruyama store in Barnay's Barber Shop Head Barber.

Every time I go through Barney's barber, I've always been through my fummy style of air, and I've always been working on the dam' s and coditions.If you can't do it, you'll be able to explain to you the advice and the reason you have to be very careful with your gachi!

"B Maru" and "B Maru" are called "B-maru san" in the short cut from the B-Collector to Maruyama, not Maruyama.

I used to have a meeting with a member of the Bummaru shop after the shop was over with the members of the Higgyet-Makubu Club.I think it's a place where I think it's a deep place.

If you're close to me, you can call it "B Maru!" and the distance will shrink at all. ^ ^

This photo is a commemorative photo of a pamma the other day.

And B Maru's shop, American!Unione States: Of America!

The plate is pasted on the walls outside of the store, where the license plates of each state are pasted on the walls of the store.

There are some people who don't want to go through the streets, but you can take pictures of them.

It may be very rare in the United States that all the plates in the state have been aggregated up to here.

Because I like ameliasy, I love the European culture dress, which is the HEAD BARBER Maruyama store, which is being introduced every day in Barnies Barber's.

221-0812: 6?12, Kanagawa Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture


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