Rakusuyo! Machi Zemi (town of Yorii) is held.

Machi-zemi ' is a city that has a wide variety of shops, and the shop owner of a variety of shops is advisers and concierge.
It is said that they will be able to build a relationship of trust from the communication venue while hosting zemi for the residents and customers.

It was a good time for the town to become a big Select shop.

And this time, Masahiro Ohashi of the Hige Club held a seminar as a lecturer in Saitama Shinbun.

It will be held on the 17th of February this week.

There are a lot of other fun jemes.
If you have time, please come to the town of Yori.
You may be able to talk about the scales from your eyes.

he went on with his own command.


Bunchi-Takeuchi Norioki

Introduction of the shop
Ribō Ōhashi
Masahiro Ōhashi
887-6 Yorii, Osato County, Osato County, Saitama Prefecture 369-1203
TEL: 048-581-2559 /FAX: 048-581-2559