2021 August 8th of the day! In fact, I actually made some beardesigns!

2021 Date of Battlefish Planning!
It has been growing a beard from April 30, for this day!
I'm my birth, but how long will it grow in a single month in a single month? In the case of the challenge sense of the challenge, I tried to make it a long-lasting bald design with my own beard.

August 6th, trimmed a beard stretched for 99 days!
Barni's New York Yokohama store at the 4th floor Barber
I asked the headberber maru mountain cream!
The 99th day of the front of the cut-off type!
No maintenance (Corrugated by self-oriented self) without cleaning

1, first beard (wide)

It is a standard full beard.
It can be said that it is a long royal road with the length!
We store beard into the whole face slightly adjust the length of the cheek and the length of the jaws!
Historically, it is an authoritative design.

2, unique beard! French fork.

I asked for a shaping for a strange manner!
It is a style that separates the shape of a beard that is not usually seen, and two jaw beards
To complete this design, Mr. Maruyama Buzzer is completed using various methods!
French fork 髭 Please! If you have any customers, I would like to take pictures by all means.

3, more stylish, full beard (small)

It is a design that shortens mammaker than standard.
It is longer than the illustration!
The shortened design feels a stylish design that the stadious design is a stylish design.

4, Hollywood's famous actor reminds me of reminding me, it is a beard, hand.

It is important to connect the beard of the mouth lower part of the mouth lower part of the mouth and the jaw beard and balance well! Comical formation in Japan's image will be so-called thief beard! So please note!

Anchor style named from the shape of the jaw beard in the vessel squid.

My usual beard style! Even with an anchor, I will shorten the length of the jaw knee. This is a personal reason, so it's white because it has a length because it has a length!
The bowl of the mouth is also small and it is custom done like the eye of the nose.

This time I was extended for about three months, but it was a new record of myself!
And it is also the first time I modeled five beard designs in this project.
It turned out that the impression changes with the design of the beard looking at one actual face instead of an illustration.

Impressions in the actual experience.
Three months without trimming are mosa Mosa, and the flow of length and beard is unbalanced.
It is natural to be stylish when you leave the design to a professional, but it is easy to get together as the direction of the flow of beard is also adjusted.

I will stretch the beard from now on! To those who think about it.
I check for about 7 days, so check which part will grow.
People are the growing part of the beard! It is also the concentration!
It is important to know that itself
The design is easier for the design to be a professional for the design!
It is also good to have a beard with a barber shop close to some extent! I recommend that I am recommended.
The reason is easy. Barber is a professional including shaving! You can shave and leave the design and the design of the beard first, and you can do it by yourself if you have a daily care advice.
In the case of self, this is not a case, but gradually design and length will be given, so if you get designed again in the barber shop again!

Beard is one of the self-expressions, and it is my own "face"!
This time I enjoy the beard, and I think I'm really thinking about it to be full beard

I'm glad if it is one kind

August 8th is a day of the day!
Hey bear, shave with razor!
Please experience the exhilarating feeling of Wet Shabin.

The comfortable shaving can be experienced with your nearby barber shop.There is also a store that is designing a beard! Please let us know.
A warm haukahoka steamed towel is waiting for you to visit.

What is the Day of the Beard?

1978 (Showa 53), Chic Japan's Chic Japan is the current president of the razor club, Mr. Yasushi Takeuchi,

As part of the spread of shaving in Japan, we opened the general public offering "the day to be the day to pay attention to the beard."

From among a more than 10,000 applications, the kanji "eight" is similar to the form of a must, so it was chosen to say "House's Day".

After that, as an event of "Beard's Day", we held a "beard contest", which competes for the shaping of beard, and has been a topic in each media.

However, it is a day of a beard that attracts attention to the beard itself, but in fact it is also meaning that "a day to shave a beard".

What is "Moustache Day"?

In 1978, Schick Japan, Distributor of the Global Razor Brand "Schick Based in Japan, and Mr. Yasuoki Takeuchi, The Representative of the Thai
Kamisori Ciub Ikamisori Is JapanSe Term For Razar "Decided To Ask Consumers for AN IDEA THAT BEST REPRESENTS THE DAY TO EDUCATE PEOPLE
About Proper Shaving.out of More Than 10,000 Ideas, They Decided to Set August 8th As "Moustache Day". INSPIRED by the fact fact that August 8th
Written in Chinese Characters Resemble The Shape of Moustache Later, "Moustache Competition Was Held and BeCame Viral Through Various Media. Maustache Day Is Not Only About Growing and Trimming

One's Moustache, But Also ALSO THE DAY TO Learn More About How To Give OneSelf A Clean Shave Properly.

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