welcome to the barber

I had total care for the first time at THE BARBER, a luxury bar bar that I always get along with and respect.

This time, I visited Hiroo store.

In fact, the respoke shop seviro & co, which is always too hot again, opened in Hiroo yesterday and I'm sorry to bother you.
I was sent to stop by on my way home.

Seviro & co's introduction is also introduced separately?

When I opened the door of the shop with a profound feeling, I smelled a pleasant smell.

The staff in suits explained the course carefully.

To tell the truth, there was a course that I had already decided to look at the homepage.

So I did not remember the course name in the immediate decision, but the rough technique of conveying at a price?

The person in charge is Mr. Nitta.

I had been greeted before, so I had a sense of closeness without permission.

While talking about various things (almost small talk), head spa that I experienced for the first time this time!

Excuse me

This is 、、、

My head is off like Anpanman and I feel like I'm new.

Shaky-oo-oh! And the head becomes light.

I also experienced facial massage with it.

The astring pressure of the finger loosens the muscles of the face moderately, and the massage oil which smells overseas

The massage that I make good use of the slip is amazing!

As expected, professional.

After I finished, I wiped my face with a warm steaming towel and looked at it with a mirror.

Were you smiling?

This was really nice!

The Barber

Hey, cool & feeling good

Is it a shop of TOTAL MEN'S CARE?

Thank you, Nitta-san!


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