I was so excited that I was so excited about the fact that I was so excited.

We set up a new site to relaunch it so that you can get a review from your customers.

If you are a writer, you will be very clueful to the reviews of the people you buy, and you will be encouraged to make more silly things!

It is not an import dealer, but a real reference to the original design of the company in Italian filenes and other overseas.

Please thank you for your purchase, Mr. Customer, for renting this place and reviewing it.


And this time, the customer reviewed.

I'm sorry that the razor club logo is not there.

I think it’s good.”

I was so happy that I was so sorry that I didn’t have my logo on the product, and I was so happy to see it, and I was so excited that I was so excited that I was so excited that I was so excited.

This is a very good sale of a mug stamped with KAMISORICLUB since last 2 ? 3 years ago.

But I'm good at asking questions from overseas people.

Because it is made of pottery, the current overseas shipment is not allowed, but the mug of KAMISORICLUB is used as an installer with a razor or brush.

Together, I am very pleased to have a hashtag of #KAMISORICLUB and post it to overseas people.

Which one do you buy? What do you mean, THANK YOU SO MUCH?

I am now considering the possibility of sending overseas soon, and I will write it in Japanese.

I'll give you a review of this time and make you a future reference

I'm sorry to borrow this place for a warm word

I'm going to ask you to continue.

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