I visited edion Tsuboya home appliances in Hiroshima.

April 4-5, 2017 Open on April 14, 2017
I visited Hiroshima EDION Tsuboya Home Appliances!

Dodoon the razor club products again following the Nitako Tamagawa! And we have a big development.

But it hasn't opened yet.

This time, I visited by myself at the product briefing.

Well, this is my first time to go to Hiroshima.

Is it very far if it is a selfish image? About three and a half hours by Shinkansen,


Because it is a shop that can be done in front of the station, I chose shinkansen instead of an airplane.

The Shinkansen is easy because it is in front of the station to the person of Tsuboya (CCC) of the headquarters that I take care of every day! I got Dubais.♪

Well, it's really in front of the station.

When I arrived, I greeted the sales staff and actually demonstrated using razors and beard brushes.

After all, the demonstration is good!

When you actually start to make a hurry with the back of your hand, not the face,

"Wow, this feels good. It seems to be pleasant to shave the beard of the barber! 」

The words of a sales person of almost a woman are happy as our company which operates BARBER.

If I were a man, I would want to shave my face at the barber's, so I'm doing women's shaving.

There is also a barber shop! That's what I told you! I was surprised.♪

Beautifully displayed razors in a nice glass showcase

I was filled with joy as a makeer.

(Please imagine because the photograph of the store can not be put out of course.)

Please drop in when you come to Hiroshima.

Grand opening from April 14



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