The barber chair is the highest mountain in the chair.

Now, the chairs used in the Camisoli Club Anex and BARNEYS BARBER'S SHOP are the ones that restore things that were made in Japan for more than 50 years before they were stored.

The name, YoshiIDA, is engraved with the name of the production.
The step is FUJI, and I think this is probably the model name for the chair.

Since it is a traditional manual type, the technical team is puzzled by the first use of the cutter.

I still remember that I was there.
Even so, the heavy feeling of the old chair has been beautiful and now.

And this chair is an automatic barber chair in recent years.

I am not the latest in the latest equation, but I have a picture of the chair in the neighborhood's neighborhood where you always get along.

The height of the chairs can be adjusted by pressing the up and down buttons on the feet, and the angle of the chair is adjusted with the buttons under the armrests, and the angle of shaving is always comfortable with a flat angle.

The chair in the Upper-class, such as an airplane, is made flat, but the barber has long been in the chair.

There are some types of long-distance buses that have a flat chair, right? I'd like to take a sizable ride, right?

I think that the barber could be said to be the highest mountain in the chair.

Would you like to feel at a nearby barber shop?
I think that the relaxation of shaving time can be said to be the most beatific time.

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