Contemplation of MADE IN ITALY

In here these days, steel materials soar worldwide!

... that I always improve by this remarkable rise, and the studio of Italy improves and cost-cuts it, but it is the present conditions that with that alone do not catch up with.
As for 30 years, do a monostructure together; it can be extremely understood. When brass and other wood, the price of resin rise, and a craftsman ages, it is quite serious.

This true is same as as well as this industry, everybody.
If raw materials go up in such inside, of course the price changes.
Italian もうちもですがなるべく is reasonable and will do it! I have a meeting by an email in と every morning, but, in the place to arrive at, laying in stock has a method from the cheap foreign country of prices! なんですよね ...
I had you tell me when you do the cheap type of the shaving products of other countries like that and print a brand logo and sell it, but but in the first place it does not produce it at home and it is cheaper and can sell it if I purchase it from the cheap foreign country of っであれば direct prices.
Already handle even a razor club; and ...

As for me, MADE IN ITALY which is a country of origin is attractive.
It is Gamba low in a studio and both things that I make from now on in Italy! で makes an effort.
And trial and error to be able to sell it at a reasonable price on selling it from now on. . .

A producer decreases to the badger which is the highest peak with the mustache brush year by year, and this soars.
On the contrary, fortunately there is scarcity value, and does it become the premium brush when I think?
(as for the brush mentioned above, made in Taiwan)

Pig hair popular with the brushes next to a badger.
Because it is chewy with a point of a brush not being narrow unlike badger hair, it features the kind touch that hair pats over a face when I beat it.
And I am superior in the durability.
Because I employ even oneself many times and can explain a characteristic, I can sell this with confidence.

It is three arrows about a product structure with future Italy

I make it in 1, MADE IN ITALY

Because it is unavoidable, it arranges quality of hair with a badger and pig hair that 2, a price soar

3, this do not change all the time, but make a razor becoming the habitual use product all the time carefully from now on

It is never avoided that a price rises slightly because it wants to produce it in MADE IN ITALY.
The razor which cannot live without craftsmen making raw materials and it.
The cost held down is us who want to pay proper value to a craftsman while controlling it in both sides.

I want to have understanding, and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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