I want more people to know Yorii.The thoughts of Barber Masahiro Ohashi.

Ohashi Masahiro, aka Masa, who is familiar with the Beard Club
We have been introduced to a public relations magazine of Yorii town.

Masa-San wants more people to come to yoroi!
I also want you to live!

From the thought of first let's know more about Yorii!
The film commission was established.

At the time of the inauguration, I heard that I did not know anything and struggled with various things, but firmly with the people of the town without shaking the one axis
It is worth going together, now famous has been selected many as the location of the movie.

And last month what!
He collected 1,000 extras and filmed the film.

Masa has a multifaceted aspect of working as an actor while also working for the filmi Commission.

In the past, I was not a movie, but at the request of Masa, I joined the music artist'S PV.
I remember Masa acting next to me, an amateur who was nervous when the camera turned, and thinking in my mind,"I'm not a barber, but an actor."

Also, when we helped out with the evacuation work after the location was finished in a different movie, we built a simple log house on the riverbank and helped with the demolition work with the people of the town, but it was difficult.

First, put the nails together so that they do not remain on the riverbank.Because it is a very large log house, it is very difficult to pull out the nails and put them together.

The wood is also put together so that the debris is not scattered.I am worried that I will not be injured when various people visit and play in the river.
I was happy that the town prepared a lunch box during the work, and it was delicious that remained in my heart.

Collaboration=the era of connection
Masa says so in the magazine.

Heat conduction begins with one person'S PASSION.The hotter it gets, the more momentum it needs.

I was always taught by Masa-San, who was a P3-year-old.

It's not like that.

The season to come

The crystal clear riverbank and the famous hachigata Castle
And feel the nostalgic townscape
There are also many recommended spots

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