Transforming in a barber shop. Why don't you groom yourself before you welcome a new member of society?

People who will welcome new members of society from April
Why don't you get dressed up at a barber shop near you before you start coming to work next week?

While feeling the warm air in the store, the sound of Chokichoki opening and closing scissors in the ear always calms the mind.

After shampooing and rinsing, a warm steamed towel that puts yourself on a flat chair and covers your face will be a blissful time.
The steamed towel of Hokkahoka, the steam steam that rises from there.


Lazaring on the face with a brush soap in a shaka shaka and mug (in professional terms)
It's brushing, isn't it, in general?

A razor with a good sharpness with okomoco and foam on the face shaves off the old with the beard.
After a series of flows, wipe off skin care with a steaming towel again.
When the chair returns to its original appearance in the mirror, your face will be refreshed, and you will be able to enjoy a sense of cleanliness and exhilaration.

Transforming in a barber shop.

The dignified style that firmly arranged both the grooming of the whole head and the grooming of clothes will have a sense of cleanliness and increase the likability.

By all means, please go to a barber shop near you.
We are looking forward to seeing you at our store.

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