4 generation inherited and continues to now.We have a lot of experience in this area.

We are a barber shop in Nagoya city that we have been together from day to day.

Cool men!Make women beautiful!
SALON that specializes in men&women with the theme.
In fact, we started our efforts by purchasing razors and other items.

We have been receiving various advice and patronage for many years,but did you actually meet us this year for the first time?
It will be an illusion that you have already met in the photos you see on the internet and SNS and the blog of the day, but it is happy to actually meet you after all.
Wow!Nice to meet you! But I can talk to Frank suddenly because I do not have a feeling ...

Now, Mr. Tanaka (excerpt from WEBSITE from here)
Inherited the fourth generation, first returned to the"origin of service"as a barber, we reviewed what to throw away and what to keep leaving.We have repeatedly verified what we need in the coming times and have incorporated it into our products.Those who have come to our store until now and those who do not, please try the fourth generation"Sumire Hair"which was reborn by all means.

It's not like that.

This time, there is the following course as a Movember plan until 11.30
I would be happy if you could try it

We are always with you, Sumire Hair
Please try it when you come near us.
A pleasant shave and a hot steam towel is a blissful moment

Sumire Hair
〒457-0014 呼南南南南 1続続1-7-10

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