Talk event of the movie "Light and the Samurai" (Masahiro Ohashi)

The temperature is higher today than yesterday, isn't it?
I haven't been outside yet, so I don't know.
Let's do our best!!? It's in the barber's room, Ohashi.

Work that contributes the Web version and the published article of the movie entanglement is entered.
Earlier, I completed sending that "slapping table"

After this, the editor's check will probably come in (wry smile)

This one.
The "related" work within the year is going to be finished.

This is also a contact from the production mr. earlier.

To the Mainichi shimbun this morning.
Notice of the article of the movie "Yasesaki" of crank-in in March of the new year

While I'm going to eat, I'll buy a newspaper later.


Yesterday, at the community salon "Cuno" in Kumagai

The 4th "Kihisa Inoue's Name-free Masterpiece Museum Project" to be held at the same place

Participated in a screening of "Light and Samurai" starring Mr. Sugim (CrickLith)

On Sunday the day before yesterday, we invited director Aoki of the current work.

As a talk event, we also held a behind-the-scenes photo shoot and an autograph session.

My minutes are also signed by the director "Light and Aoi T-shirt"

I received it last night with my name on it (thank you!) )

I wanted to meet with the director.

Last night, I was indebted to you for the bald seminar after the first screening.

Director Aoki also said, "I wanted to listen to it" (laughs)

This time, the last time, following the house

"Hygge Seminar" which was also taken care of by Mr. Cuno Kumagai

Based on the "Shaved Head" that I touched only a little in this place

While also following the contents of the movie, so as not to become too difficult

If anything,

I was allowed to talk with a more broken feeling than usual.

The same as the date of the screening.

As the aim of the "weekday event" is to participate from "Hage-seminar" after work, such as enjoy the screening of the second part

As much as possible, through trial and error, such as the time zone that it is easy for everyone to participate

The people who are the shop management

We asked him how he came from the middle of the bald seminar.

I'm not an old movie theater talker.

Small, mania street corner theater unique

It was non-bili.

I was happy that a warm "community theater" was being created.

To be honest, I'm too maniac this time.

From the impression of the movie "title", there may have been some people who looked at it.

But to all of you who have been there in two days,

I think that there were a lot of customers who returned with a smile with a completely different image.

"Hygge Seminar", "Idol Course", "Hage Seminar" and

I'm ad that some of you may have noticed that there is a common

Is it "the way it looks" that matters?

a mind that is trying to see what is invisible

Be careful of yourself, which tends to be too much because it's hard to see


Feeling the need to communicate what you really want to see (inside) because it looks like that

I think this is important.

After all screenings

Two female customers talked to Mr. Inoue during a chat.

I really thought it was good to take the plunge and participate for the first time.

That's how you talked about it, including your impressions of the movie.

Dig up the famous paintings buried in the major works

Exchange each other's impressions

To tell the truth, there is no "correct answer" from the beginning.

It's all about rubbing your sensibilities together.

The origin of the best community

I think that a movie should be such a thing.

The movie "Light and the Samurai" will be released on DVD in February.

Mr. Sugim, who starred in the show, also has a live performance in Kumagai.

A unique work of pure love suitable for the end of the year

I think it was a really great one.

The first work at the beginning of the year

Kuno Kumagai "The Famous Painting Museum Project Without the Name of Norio Inoue" 5th

The film directed by Mai Sakai in a movie that smells good

"Is it a slea? Starring Nana Hara ?

Here, too, please look forward to it!

Good Luck Masterpiece Museum

Masahiro Ohashi, Hygge Club

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