Is it true that shaving with a razor makes hair thicker?

The topic that you sometimes see on the internet, such as"hair becomes thick when you use a razor?"」

I often hear that"hair becomes thick when shaved with a razor", but the correct answer is in the growing season
Don't you generally think that the time to shave body hair with a razor is the period of puberty
Junior High School 1-2 years, if you are an early child, you will start to grow from elementary school to high school, and at the same time your body will grow.

It is a great place to start.
As your body gets bigger, your hair gets thicker and darker.
You will remember shaving at this time, it is also around the age when body hair is concerned.

The body hair naturally becomes thinner as it goes to the tip of the hair
When you shave your body hair for the first time, the cross section of the body hair that appears on your skin becomes larger, and your body is growing
And the cross section gets bigger as well.

If you shave, you feel that way because you shave your body hair during the growth process rather than thicken it.
Shaving will last for a lifetime.
By all means, please try to enjoy every day as a ritual of the body, not a troublesome act

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