"Father" thanked me for giving me a gift.

Do you know the roots of the Chinese character "father"?
He is always the Chinese character of 'father'.

A shop dealing with mens items is one of the best of the best of the gift gifts. I don't usually care about the gift of my father's day, " he said, but he was making a site.

What is the origin of the characters "father"?And I looked into it, and I looked at it, and it was said that the origin of the character was the shape of a stick in the shape of a side, and the shape of the right hand holding a stone orthoplum.

appears to be the center of the family and the authority of the head. (The dictionary of bibliographic iconography is the origin of the Chinese character)

From left to time, he was gradually replaced by the Chinese character of "Father". (Laughter) How about a "father" who has a sense of gratitude for his father, who is grateful to his father, who is grateful to his father, "Father," and so on.

From 1903, he shaving himself while looking at him with a slow time and slowly looking at him in a mirror shaving in his mirror shaving. He is a dad' s father who is obsessed with things.

When you turn the lower part of the lower part of the lower part of the lower part of the kamiasori, it is an old-fashionable type of kamisoli stand for which the alternate blade is held. \7,020 -


*When requesting a gift package, please specify "Gift wrappings" in the notes at the time of order. Some products cannot be packaged, so I hope to understand.

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