Sorry to keep you waiting. It will be in stock from Italy soon

Sorry to keep you waiting.
Finally, the item has been shipped from Italy!
Currently, the arrival is scheduled for June 28th.

The latest 5-blade Fusion 5 series is suitable for the barber's pole-colored razors, whiskers, and razors that are familiar in barber shops.

And the mustache brush is the hole bear hair which is the high-class hair of the mustache brush with good foaming.

Finally, the most recently popular razor stand.

It can be used for classical double-edged razors and cutting-edge razors almighty. Its simple design makes it a presence. Please use it as an object of the washbasin.

We will sell it after inspecting the arrival of goods.

Pre-order sales will be available.
Shipping will be from July 2nd.

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