I went to the barber shop at my son's request.

If I hadn't had time with my son lately, I would like to go to a barbaroshop by my son, and I took him to a barber shop that I had been familiar with since long ago.

He became a sixth grader in elementary school, and he wanted to make his own hair style, and he made a quick reservation at the request. Short-breed, short-hair, and a little over the top, are the hope.

"Beauty" is the figure of a barricist who cuts the hair of a long horizontal hair with a barrican and cutting the upper part by adjusting the length with hassami.It's also a profession that always has an eye on it because it has something to do with it.

And again, as a razor, the shaving of interesting cobbings!

A shave with a skillful blade (a reza) is a good time for the ordinary people who are good at cutting.
I felt like I was telling my son a nostalgic memory (a shaving of his beard at a barn shop with my grandfather and father).
I was in elementary school at the time, but I had no beard, but I felt happy when I had my wool and shaved it.
And again, steaming, towels!

The fragrance of the warm vapor of the Huwafwa is incongruent in the air, and it comes to the back of the nose with the air of the air. I have a little expression ... I am myself. This feels good!

I don't shave myself for odeco and my ears, but in a barbaric shop, they shave their heads in a clean way.

I think it's not just shaving, but a ransom of facial features.
I felt exhilarating, and I was in Rin.

It is also the last hot steam towel to be wiped and dried, and it is a gentle kind of skinlotion. The facial expression of the missing face of the mudge is a one-toned feeling.

and my son was so happy, he was a bunch of bunches, and we had a lot of time to stay with him.♪

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