Contemplation to PARKER Safety Razor

The razor maker which it produces it mainly on a double-edged blade razor producing for the world of the establishment of a business in 1973 and sells.

Because I visit Japan from ATIN which is the president in 2017, I have an email to want to see you and will meet. After calling about the production of the razor in various ways from ATIN equal to the second generation, it became the action from mutual understanding, there

The biggest reason that I wanted to handle is a double-edged blade of the Kannon type type!
At last I found it! And I was able to come across this razor! It is the feeling that obtained という treasure!

The golden razor which I found inside that King C Gillette produced double-edged blade razors from 1903.
The razor with what! Kannon-style type

A part of the upper razor opens to two when I spin for steering wheel retainer of the razor and changes a spare blade.
As for this type, only German Mel Kool was found in the other foreign countries maker as far as I know it, but I want it without being readily found recently! This encounter in the arrowhead which yearned for と was shocking.
PARKER leading ATIN deals with a Kannon-style type at the time of the establishment of a business more.

India which is famous for industrial industry, the good quality are supported by world people.
A country with many thick people of the mustache.
It is easy to shave the double-edged razor, and the durability of the blade seems to be good again.

And after all there was good cost performance with the biggest reason.
The spare blade of the double-edged blade razor of the PARKER original.
The sharp spare blade made by stainless steel catches the high evaluation from a world man.

It may be said that the classical shaving with the double-edged blade razor which is the origin of the safety razor is right a ceremony in the morning of the man
And INDIA which the leather products are the same, and is famous

PARKER original, razor porch made of products made in cowhide

There is the preparation for blade case razor cases, too.

It is safekeeping or the storing case which I can carry with the razor of the daily habitual use tool carefully.

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