The movie "Ye come to bloom" will be released soon. Masahiro Ohashi, Hygge Club, performed

Rakugo artist Taihei Hayashiya
Actress Ms. Kumagai
Starring in a movie

"Good bloom"
I've never seen such a taihei.

The basin of Saitama kita where nature and humanity live quietly in the suburbs of the capital.
Set in a small employment office, it collides with the interaction that the troubled people who are not translationary weave, and it is love of the adult. At the same time, we will draw the vitality of an aging society.

Excerpts from the official website

This time, Masahiro Ohashi, a member of the Hygge Club, participated as a member of CAST and as a hair designer.

In fact, Maruyama and I were designing beards locally when Ohashi appeared, and we did beard makeup instead of hair and makeup.

Hair makeup, not beard makeup? Beard designer? I saw the pro of both beards trim the beard for the first time in the field.

Chichibu seems to be a local, and the side house seems to be near, too, and there is a relation.
He was kind and polite and went out of his way to greet me.
I watch the laughing point every day. It was nice to meet you.

The shooting scene of Ohashi is approaching the time of the return road, and it retreats first.
I was happy in the car on the way home even if the same member appeared in the movie.

Published in September 2018.
By all means, I would be happy if you could take a look at it!

The above photo is used under Ohashi's permission.
Copyrights of published articles, photos, illustrations, etc. are in the production company.
Unauthorized reproduction, re-delivery, etc. are strictly not allowed.

If you use the design of the beard of the performer and the model in the movie, the location, the drama, the magazine, etc.
Please order the professional "Hygge Club" of the beard by all means.
From stylish modern beards to classical beards, we will shape them according to your request.

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