Beard Club Ohashi was published in the February issue of PALETTE2020, an information magazine that colors the Chichibu Railway.


Interview with people who continue to shine along the line

Barber Ohashi Shopkeeper/Hygge Club
Masahiro Ohashi
That, mr. Masa, commonly known among us.

Is it the oldest senior and romance gray in the Beard Club? Romance White. He is also the owner of the axe.

This time, it was published in a magazine published by Mr. Chichibu Railway.

It is a town where I often meet Masa-san in the town of Ysoi, Saitama Prefecture.
The source of Arakawa which is transparent in blue flows next to the town, and when you cross the bridge, there is a pot-shaped castle that boasts a large scale of the northern Kanto region.
Masa-san told me that it was a historic town and flourished as a castle town, and I was guided to a place where there is still a remaining name.
Among them, when I go to the house, I always visit.
Katsudon-ya (This is simple but excellent compatibility with sweet and spicy sauce)
As a souvenir, motsu and pork marinated in miso (It seems to be famous because there seem to be a lot of piggy schools in the vicinity of the bed.) I bake it at home and eat it, it is delicious.)
Shaved ice shop in summer (you can feel the heat pleasantly while listening to the cry of a cicada in a quiet place)
A coffee shop (I think it's a place that only local people can understand.) If it weren't for Masa-san, we'll have to get there. It is a space where you can enjoy a slow time with the scent of persimmons.)
It is a self-proclaimed petit house two in a good condition

And Masa is also the representative who launched the Doi Film Commission.
I was allowed to participate in one scene of the movie together, and I was able to help such as the set dismantling of the movie location.
I thought that the activity to get various people to watch the visit as one scene by attracting the photographing such as the location, and to be interested, and to get recognized by the actor etc. becomes the activation of the town.
It was a valuable experience that we were able to participate together.


It's my turn!
By all means, if you have time, please visit the house.
History, Nature, Meals, Haircuts! You can feel the

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