I studied again in a school textbook from an old science school.

It's been over 20 years since,

I want to be a beard professional as a casmias.

I went to the science department's communication course while working from the thought I thought.

A lot of textbooks have been delivered to their homes, and they are a season of schooling for each season.

This schooling is the first time I've been cruel to me.

is that most of the students who are in the communications department (in my case) are experienced, and they can do the normal work,

It's the first time that all of them have no idea how to have a hassami, and it's a frustrated failure

And I have a lot of respect for the barber.

I thought it was amazing, because it's standing with Hassami's operating procedure, where you're going to move, how to move, shampoo, shaving, and all the ways to do it.

and I was amazed at the process that I was going to have to do with this movement, and I was really amazed by the kind of process that I had to do

I really respect the barber's haircut in a barbaric shop, and I think it's a great respect for the barber to talk to me and make a smooth talk.

And we had hygiene management in the textbooks, and disinfectate and so on.

The status of a barber is a national qualification and jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

and hygiene, and it's being run on a daily basis in compliance with health standards, such as health centers.

I used to wash my hands in front of the barber's senior and get the alcohol disinfectant, and then wipe it up with a paper, and it doesn't mean it.

and I asked them to tell me how to do the right disinfection.

I'm a pro!

Thank you for your advice.

And then again, a love of respect was born.

The textbook I have is a textbook in the past, but I'm going to reread it once again, and I'm going to try to study it again.

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