I enjoy new one's appearance from April. (skin care of the country U.K. origin of apparel complete history and the gentleman reading in "イノベーター")

Kaori Nakano whom I came over to when I published a book over world barbershop 38 countries in 2015. I had a relationship whenever genealogy of the dandyism that read the book that it was begun to become a fan, perfect gem 50 of the gentleman were published a lot elsewhere and read it, I learned culture and the history of clothes and knew the importance of the appearance

Apparel complete history to read in "イノベーター" published this time! There is the then history background while world famous designers appearing, and feeling the contemplation of one's brand and is excited, and, Masuyo, a Japanese appears a lot, besides, and a sense of closeness springs out. The color that I sulk because there were the words that a back assumed ゾクゾクッ in that, and that famous Armani makes the right sense of distance with the person in the navy blue, the color that it is open, and, however, can keep gentlemanship to become overly friendly, and not to approach it without refusing it. とあったんです. I was impressed with one and the excessive depth that I was shocked by

And it is the interpretation of my selfish pattern, but a suit worn for a job interview or important occasion can enjoy apparel of the To Be GENTLE world that the wise remark of the various places where it is various elsewhere that thought whether it is such a thing that navy blue is common sounds through the heart, and is succeeded to in the new year from Masuyo this by ancient people recommended by all means

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And skin care brand BULL DOG of the country U.K. origin of the gentleman is recommended, too

When I worked in NY, two people who did a company in lord Lee feh Rie who is Mr. BRAND founder Simon da fee and a business partner get to know and pay my attention to there being few skin care products which a man is satisfied with, and the loyalty that I stand and gave BULL DOG to is high and is tenacious, and, in friend ""MAN'S BEST FRIEND" 2019 of the" human being best that is always near, it is sold in higher than 45,000 27 countries stores including Europe, and skin care wins a beauty-related prize a lot

 About skin care BULL DOG which skin is pleased with unintentionally

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