I read a makeup article of men and become! I thought of と

The Nikkei man who shines "light makeup"

The man whom Nikkei which the Nikkei Shimbun of October 2, 2020 had shined in read an article of "the light makeup" and it was great and sympathized.

To see one's face which is surely gone online, and is reflected in a PC and the smartphone; and "is that?" 下疲 れてるなぁ ... of eyes
"White hair increased plenty". The points that noticed that とか was various about oneself increased.
And is the man makeup, too? Though I thought of と, this was one's preconception and thought that it was an ant to do now. Because I shave a whole body with a razor the other day! As a result of an image not springing out when I participated in という event when oneself did not really shave it, and having shaved it when I felt like too much, I was surprised though the which I shaved being beautiful and the impression from a family were good!
The man thought that "it is the beauty" in がある meaning in conventional one's fixation concept shaggily, but this is because it realized it with skin when different in the impression to give a person variously.
Then I shave a whole body! It became the mast of は oneself, and it still became the = appearance that I continued.

Of "a person an appearance 90%" in the writer Ichiro Takeuchi potato the makeup of this article was new for me who was in my late 40s, and would be necessary in future, or felt the cause for an appearance while remembering a book.
And I thought agrin as a razor shop

Than, as for the wet shaving that paste of the makeup comes to have good, it is to a must-have item, or it is said that shave a downy hair with a razor before makeup the cause; expectation (Waku Waku) to the spread of wet shaving♩

And the warm hot towel in the hairdressing shop and the shaving (I have you shave extra hair to a report of self-では or the few point when you have you shave the whole face regularly) of the bulky bubble are a time of the supreme bliss♩

Do the times when one of the anti-aging measures to continue makes up come from now on? I was excited about と.

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