Culture from the shell and the trajectory of the Japanese market We resigned at Amazon Kindle!

Kamisori history revised version: Culture starting from shells and trajectories of the Japanese market

The revised version of the publication published in 1994 (postscript of recent years) was published on Amazon Kindle.

A razor history published in 1994.
Father's book is now 2021, so it is a book 27 years ago
I am inheriting the razor club, the 21st is not so much in the year, but is it selling a book called Kamisori history?
Do you have resale? I will call you.
There is also a father saying that the author is also a son, but it is a book for six years at that time at that time, is it rare? I thought that "I'm sorry, did you know this book in either way?"

I knew it before.
I heard from an acquaintance and read it.

I had.
And I was surprised that I wanted to make a dissertation material from the university student.

When I consulted with my father, I had a consent if it has been posted as an e-book to post the thoughts in recent years.

What is a razor of the old stone age?
Starting from the long-ago razor 噺, recent razor.

How to get out of the TOP share by using the foreign abrasive maker
Was it?

I feel the same while tracing the history
It is a book where you can experience a virtual experience to create one market

Amazon Kindle is here

The following newspapers were honest and May 12, 1985 We have been taken up for success in Japan on Washington Postpaper (not listed in the book of razor history)

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