I became a longing Moustache Salor man! (YouTube!)

Actually I was thinking about from May!

"I want to get a yacht with no cruise!"

This is, I watched a movie called Castway starring Tom Hanks.
It's a true story, so it's really harsh talk, but the beard at that time is clean and cool and the image of the sea and the beard matched in myself!
And Maruyama (commonly known as B Maru) has enjoyed the yacht in dumplings and put it! I asked, but the schedule is not fit due to an emergency situation, and I finally fit this time.

And what! B Maru had a YouTube site and shot!
You can watch it yourself! And self-satisfied
Official YouTube

Mastache Sailer

It is a fun site with fishing

Photo collection of memories

I was happy to have such an experience!
A yacht going forward while capturing the natural wind!
I'm going to go up and read the wind while reading the wind.
Unlike that, I will go with the feeling of nature with the feeling and rich experience B Maru-san!
Anything can be said, but after all the knowledge that has been earned for many years of experience has been taught from the yacht that it comes out naturally.
I want to go again with

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