Trying to extend a beard for one month in a nesting life From April 30, 2012 (daily updated) May 20 (a lot of photos and sentences have increased!)

As we do not go out almost in emergency declaration, try to extend the beard for one month!

I'm going to go live from April 30, 2021, let's go live
By the way, my beard is under the nose and fall, jaw beard, which will extend it as it is without shaving!
There are various skin conditions such as 48 years old and rough skin, so please forgive me.
I am looking forward to how to change from now on for 30 days.

The 29th morning (day 0)

A photo of 3 hours after shaving morning
Hmm , I understand that the skin is rough and the skin is rough ...
I'm slightly teka.
Skin is tully because it is just a deep shield

30th morning (day 1)

I'm not standing very much.
! Mask is caught
The same hardness as the same line! Beard is accurately captured and slippage
Since the appearance, the beard is covered with the mask, so-called normal!

The first day and the second day are always ugly
Why is it (??), and it is patience for this two days.

May 1st (Day 2)

Gatsuri and beard are stuck in the mask
As you can see, I feel that the skin is lifting with the beard

Unsurgery and not shaved not shaved.
If you put up this situation for several days, it will be a bald
I will stretch!

May 2 (Day 3)

Big haired beard has noticed.
As usual, the beard is caught in the mask ...

It is not beautiful even if you look at it
Even if you touch the beard yourself, you're a rough and honest, not feeling good
Just when the mask was lowered, it was possible to remove it because the length was slightly out of the third day and the beard is growing from the cheek to the bottom.
I am moved by this!

A bearded bearded.
One white hair of the nose is not a nose hair.
It is a beard that was scattered
It is a beard under the submando, but it is a bit, but it came to understand the hair flow of beard

It has come to see where what part of the beard is growing.
It is a beautiful skin and a beautiful skin and feels like the evolution of the modern razor, every day shaving.


May 3 (Day 4)

It does not change honestly with the third day
It is said that the beard is said to increase the average of 0.4 mm a day, so this period is not honestly beautiful

On the 4th day, the hair flow of the beard became better
My beard is flowing from the side

The mask is still caught!
Mask and non-hesple compatibility, I wonder if it is not very good ...
I'm truly patronizing Shinobu Shinobu!

May 4 (Day 5)

White-haired serious beard
A certain length came out
You can see that there is Tsumji in the photographic right journey! !
And I also came to see where there is no beard

You can see the hair flow of the beard in the angle from the bottom!

The buccal bald was a lot of gray hair and the beard under the submando thought and I saw a photo
Since the length came out so far so far, it has been lost when wearing a mask is lost yesterday and 4th day.
I will stretch!

May 5 (Day 6)

It feels like it has changed to the back side because it becomes such a long time!

It became likely to understand the hair flow of beard clearly.

The mask has been lost!
I will stretch! !

May 6 (7th day)

I think that it has changed because it is dirty when I grow up here
There is no change yesterday because it will gradually grow. . .

You can clearly understand Tsumji in the lower right!
It is interesting to the hair flow of beard

Even if I wear a mask, I was easy because there is a length to some extent in beard
I will continue! ! !

May 7 (Day 8)

I knew the gray hair part and the part of the black bowl gradually!

I understand the flow of jaws (Kose)

If so far, just overlap the number of days after the number of days

You can wear and remove smooth and unpleasant without the mask.
However, there is no sense that the mask is floating by the beard.
Well, from now on!

May 8 (day 9)

If this length is a long time, it is likely that a weekly change will be known from the daily change!

Hair and bald! ! From this angle, you can see the number of beards.

When removing the mask, the hair flow of beard is growing below the cheek, so it removes it!

May 9 (day 10)

I will stretch!

The beard on the mouth gradually came out!

It's a good feeling of hair and a good feeling of hair from below!
Today I forgot to take a picture of the mask. . . .
I will shoot and upload it later!
Well, I will stretch without changing

May 10 (Day 11)

It has become fluffy if the length came out and touched.

I'm worried about the beard which I will draw a little by one!

The hair flow of beard is now being able to see it!

It is a picture that does not change much every day ...
! It is definitely growing
I will shoot tomorrow

May 11 (Day 12)

Comment including all photos
It does not change the day before, but it extends!
You will be a little worried about wearing the lips with lips!
I will stretch

May 12 (Day 13)

I have a beard in particular in the mouth!
I'm thinking of trimming your mouth tomorrow!

The hair flow of beard is visible to cook
It is interesting to see this kind of wind

May 13 (Day 14)

I was shooting in the room because it was rainy today

You can see that the beard of the mouth is on the lips!
I was trying to trim the part of today, but when I grow up, I wanted to do it in the way.

Bearded like Huwa like hairy hair
The touch has become very good!

May 14 (Day 15)

The length of the beard came out and it became possible to come out with a good condition

Yesterday, I am also a cytoner with a beard while doing a shampoo today

The touch is moist!

Even if the mask is not scratched at all, it was very easy to remove it!

May 15 (day 16)

Beard is gradually changed from the horrible addiction, but it has changed to full beard!

The flow of beard comes out and comes up!

It can be seen that the beard of the throat bird is growing from below

It has been found that there is a length of beard even if the mask is attached!

Shampooing John Mass Skull Puzempo & Conditioner Washing Hair Hair, I tried washing together at the conditioner! (It is the responsibility of the individual)
Mint's refreshment is familiar with beard!

May 16 (day 17)

As there is a length to come here, the beard is collected

I'm worried about the beard of the mouth but stretched!

When I paint a mint's mint club cream, the smell of refreshing feels from the nose. It passes through the nasal cavity and is very pleasant.

May 17 (day 18)
It does not change every day when there is a length so far!
And comments ... almost the same
Please look at the image only
Ah! The beard when it takes in the mouth is very worried! ! !

May 18 (day 19)

It was on the 19th and a long time with a beard came out, so I got along with the flow of hair! And I've been fucked!

The beard on this lips is very worried!
I'm going to cut it soon and I'm worried ...

The full beard has been completed by gradually!

May 19 (Day 20)

Yesterday night, trimmed the beard of the mouth
The trimming method will be introduced later at another site!

Day 19! Close the dead bearded beard! !

It is obviously different from the 19th day!
It feels refreshing because there is no beard in the mouth of the mouth

Even if you look at it from the side, it is beautiful!

The photograph seen from below does not change ...
Even so, it has grown well!

May 20 (day 21)

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